Tour Duration: 1 day to 14 days Tour Customizable: Yes Group Size: 1 - 100 people What’s Included • Vehicle, driver, and fuel for the entirety of the trip • Entrance fees • All activities mentioned in this itinerary • Breakfast, lunch and dinner • Airport pickup and dropoff • Star Tours Ghana t-shirt • Unlimited purified water • All taxes and handling charges Any profit that is made through our trips goes directly to support the 170 orphans we take care of at our child care center (Future Stars Ghana), our charitable organization. Check us out at Our tours are tailored to meet each individual or group's specific requirements including budget. Contact us for further details! Sample Itinerary (Day 1) Arrival On day one you will arrive at the Kotoka International Airport. A guide from Star Tours Ghana will meet you on arrival and escort you to your hotel, a beach resort in Accra. A briefing about the tour will be given at a welcoming dinner. (Day 2 ) Accra On day two you’ll get your first taste of Ghana. After sleeping off your jet lag and eating a delicious breakfast you’ll get the opportunity to take a guided tour of Accra. On the tour, you’ll explore Independence Square, the Dubois Centre, and the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum. The first stop will be the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum. Kwame Nkrumah was the first prime minister and president of Ghana; at this beautiful historical site, you will get the chance to learn his story. After the Mausoleum you’ll get a chance to refuel with a lunch break at the National Museum. Once you’ve had a chance to explore the museum the tour will continue with a visit to the George Padmore Library on African Affairs. At the library, you’ll get the chance to explore a large body of literature that is largely unavailable elsewhere. The tour will be concluded with the exploration of the Dubois Centre. You’ll meet up with historians for debate and discussion about a concept known as Pan Africanism. At the end of the long day, you’ll be met with relaxation and excellent cuisine at the beach resort in Accra. (Day 3) Accra - Elmina On day three we set off on our next adventure. After breakfast, we begin the journey to Cape Coast, a unique coastal town rich in culture and history. Before arriving, we’ll stop at a Posuban Shrine; a historic structure originally built as the headquarters for an Asafo company, a militant organization. After arriving, our first stop will be the awe-inspiring Cape Coast Castle. You’ll be met by the local guides, and taken on a tour you’ll never forget. After learning the history, the guides will set you free to explore everything from the grimdark dungeons to the magnificent cannon lined catwalks. In the evening, we will visit the University of Cape Coast for a two-hour lecture on traditional Western African religion. Following your studies, you’ll finish the day enjoying some traditional music before heading off to a beach resort in Elmina. (Day 4) Elmina On day four we explore Elmina. After breakfast, we’ll head to the Elmina Castle and to Fort Jago. At the castles you will be met by the local guides who will take you on another incredible tour! After the tour, you’ll once again have time to explore on your own. When you’re ready to leave, we’ll talk a walk through the historical town of Elmina eventually ending up at the Java Museum. After canvassing the museum we will head to the Cape Coast Cultural Center for a magnificent cultural performance. After the performance we will return to the beach resort in Elmina where you can grab dinner and relax. (Day 5) Elmina - Kumasi On day five it’s off to the Jungle! After breakfast, we head out to Kakum National Park. At the park, guides will lead us through the famous 30m high canopy walk. The canopy walk consists of a long chain of bridges that are level with the jungle canopy. After our trek through the jungle, we will hit the road once again. On our way to Kumasi, we will stop in Assin Manso Slave River. Assin Manso is famous for its role in the slave trade as the destination of the slave’s last bath in the “Donko Nsuo” river before their shipment to the New World. After arriving in Kumasi, we will meet with a village chief seeking permission to discuss the history of the region with the elders. After permission is granted, you will get the opportunity to learn about local history through numerous enchanting stories. After receiving your fill of history, you will spend the rest of the evening at a hotel where you’ll get the chance to relax and eat dinner. (Day 6) Kumasi On day six, you will learn more about Ashanti and explore a local market. After breakfast, we will start the day with a visit to the Manhyia Palace. The Manhyia Palace is the home of the Asantehene, the absolute monarch of the Ashanti kingdom. At the palace, you’ll get the opportunity to learn first-hand about Ashanti’s epic history. After visiting the palace, we will visit the Yaa Asantawaa Museum and the Prempeh War Museum. Once you’ve explored the museums, we will head to the Kejetia market for shopping and lunch. After shopping at the market, you’ll return to the hotel where you can eat dinner and relax. (Day 7) Kumasi - Tamale On day seven we journey to Tamale. After breakfast, we head out for Salaga. After a courtesy discussion with the chief, you’ll get the chance to visit the historical slave market, the slave well, and the cemetery. Once you’ve been to all of the historical sites you’ll get to sit down and converse with the descendants of slaves for a vivid narration of their history. Eventually, the conversation will die down, once it does, we’ll head to a hotel in Tamale where you can relax and grab dinner. (Day 8) Tamale - Navrongo On day eight we explore caves and pet crocodiles! After breakfast, we will head to the Tongo Caves. After the exploration of the caves, we will hit the road once again. Upon our arrival in Paga, we will pay a courtesy visit to the chief. After gaining the chief’s respect you’ll be able to explore the Pikworo Slave market and the crocodile ponds. If you’re lucky a guide will let you pet a crocodile. After you’ve faced off with the crocodiles, we’ll head to a hotel in Navrongo were you’ll be able to relax and grab dinner. (Day 9) Navrongo - Wa On day nine we’ll journey to Wa. After breakfast, our first stop is at Wa Naa's Palace. After exploring the beautiful palace we’ll head over to the tomb of Ekem Ferguson. Upon learning the history of Ekem you’ll get the chance to visit the Gwollo defense wall, another horrifying reminder of the slave route. In the evening you’ll get the chance to converse with the chief and his associates over the history of the area. After talking with the chief, you’ll head to your hotel in Wa. At the hotel, you'll relax and eat dinner. (Day 10) Wa - Damango On day ten we begin the journey back to Accra. After breakfast, we will head back towards Tamale. Our first stop on the way back will be at the Larabanga Mosque; a captivating 13th-century mosque built primarily from packed earth. At the mosque, you’ll get the opportunity to explore the building. Once you’re ready to move on we will head over to the iconic mystery stone. After learning the legend of the stone, we will finally head to the hotel in Tamale. At the hotel, you'll be able to eat dinner and relax. (Day 11) Tamale - Accra On day eleven we make the journey back to Accra. On the way back to Accra we will visit all three of the renowned craft villages. Our first stop will be in Pankronu, a small village famous for its pottery. Afterwards, we will head to Ahwiaa, a village with expertise in wood carvings. Finally, we will visit Ntonso, a village known for its adinkra textiles. After visiting Ntonso we will head back to the beach resort in Accra. At the resort you’ll be greeted with great cuisine, and a relaxing environment. (Day 12) Accra Day twelve is a day for relaxation and recuperation. This is your free day. The options are nearly limitless, and we are more than happy to help plan any activity you desire. However, simply regrouping on the beach has been proven to be a popular choice. (Day 13) Accra On day thirteen we will further explore the massive and magnificent city of Accra. We will start off at the Makola Market. The Makola Market is one of the largest in the country, and one of the most renowned in Western Africa. After exploring the market to your heart's content, we will head over to the Aburi Botanical Gardens. After a peaceful walk through the gardens, we will once again return to the beach resort. At the resort, you’ll be able to eat dinner and relax. (Day 14) Accra Day fourteen is departure day. We will relax at the Legon Botanical Gardens until you have to be at the airport. Customize your tour

Price per day: $290

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