Educational Trip

Educational Trips

Culture Immersion Tour And Trip

Project Details:

Cultural Immersion Tour and Trips for groups

We organize more authentic cultural experiences for High Schools and Universities groups. Cultural immersion tours give travellers experiences only locals normally have access to. Cultural immersion tours tend to combine the best parts of travel and sightseeing. They can be a great way to start learning a language or take your existing skills to a new level. Gaining fluency and conversation skills in a second language is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have. Taking part in a cultural immersion program also means that participants will encounter a wider range of people, and a broader vocabulary, than they would in a regular touristic experience. Volunteers will be involved in language lessons, drumming and dancing lessons organized by the “GyeNyame” Cultural Troup, registered under the cultural centre of Ghana, learn how villages use “talking drums” to communicate within the village and between different villages—a technique that is still in use today. Participants will combine their lessons with a tour to historic sites in Ghana including the slave trade castles and forts (Cape Coast and Elmina), Kakum National Forest (canopy walkway), the monkey sanctuary, Wli Falls (highest waterfall in West Afrca), the highest mountain in Ghana, The village on Stilts of Nzulezu, Mole National Park and many more.  







1st day


Welcome to Future Stars-Ghana.

Basic information about Ghana and the projects, host family, culture and profile of the country.

Visit the chief and the elders in the community

Day tour in Accra

2nd day

Class continues

Language lessons (Ghanaian greetings, conditions, age, phrases qualify and quantify people and objects, numbers etc.)

3rd day

Community services

Participants will be handling gifts, funding to the local school they will be having the exchange program with.

Variety of performances by the kids, example cultural dance, choreography, recitals, drama etc


Interactions with the exchange partner school in Ghana


The local school in Ghana handling gifts to participants

4th day

Drumming and dancing lessons

Learn traditional African drumming and dancing with their cultural meanings

Discussion about Ghana, festivals and other ceremonies.

5th day

Drumming and dancing lessons

Volunteers will showcase their skill and what they learnt the previous day.

Culture show at the beach

6th day

Community service

Participants will help renovate the orphanage school building by painting, refurbishing the school desks, tables and the children’s home

Helping the children with the home work and have a play time with them.

7th day

Trip to the beach

A trip to the beach (Bojo beach) and have games

Culture shows and variety on performances in the evening






8th – 9th day

Tour the Volta Region

Monkey sanctuary

Wli falls (highest waterfall in West Africa)

Mountain Afajato (Highest Mountain in Ghana)

Tagbo falls

10th day

Tour Eastern Region

Aburi Botanical Gardens (the famous tree of life)

Boti Falls

Umbrella Rock

Mysterious palm tree 

Aka Falls

11th day

Tour Central Region

Cape Coast Castle

Elmina Castle

Hans Cottage (crocodile Pond

Kakum National Forest (Canopy walkway in the forest)



Tour Western Region

A trip to Nzulezu. The village on stilts


13th – 14th day

Northern Region

Mole National Park

Kintampo Water Falls

15th days

Drive back home

Airport drop off


Contact us for a more detailed itinerary and budget for this educational trip

Medical Mission Trip

  • Qualifications required: Volunteers must have experience in a medical field or be a currently enrolled medical or pre-medical student.
  • Placement settings: Gregory Catholic Hospital, Kasoa Polyclinic, Kasoa Clinic, and Senya Health Center.
  • Program duration: Volunteer for 14+ days
  • Age : 16 to 70 (exemptions are made on a case by case basis)
  • Accommodation: Housing depends on the clinical placement. All of our housing options have accessible running water and a western toilet.
  • Program fees: $950 USD. All Inclusive. (some exceptions apply)
  • What is NOT included: Airfare, Visa, Snacks, and Travel Insurance.

About our Program


Poor health conditions and poverty are a constant in many developing countries. Treatable diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS contribute to disability and mortality in Ghana. Future Stars has partnered with clinics and hospitals that desperately need volunteers in order to provide basic healthcare for the impoverished.


Volunteers with medical training or currently enrolled medical students will get the opportunity to care for patients and practice medicine. Volunteers will be placed at one of our three partnership hospitals. The volunteer can typically choose their placement. However, we ask that volunteers communicate any preferences well in advance.


Volunteers without medical training will get the opportunity to observe and shadow the nurses and doctors. Your hands-on work will depend on your qualifications and the needs of the clinic.


Volunteers must provide their gloves, masks, and scrubs. We can place medical professionals of almost any specialty.




Senya Medical Clinic

Average Patients Seen Per Day: 100

Highest Level of Care Provider: BSN Nurse


The Senya Medical clinic is a government hospital in the small seaside village of Senya. The clinic has mental health services, a birth center, a laboratory, and a general care facility. Most of the patients seen at Senya are non-critical, although due to its remote location there are frequent emergencies and the clinic is ill-equipped. Volunteering at Senya is ideal for medical professionals that wish to spend a lot of time with each patient and are capable of critically thinking and adapting in scenarios where they don’t have the proper equipment.


Kasoa Medical Clinic

Average Patients Seen Per Day: 500+

Highest Level of Care Provider: Physician


The Kasoa Medical Clinic is located on the outskirts of Kasoa towards Buduburam Refugee Camp. The Kasoa clinic is severely undersized and always packed with patients. It is a government clinic. The hospital is made up of an emergency room, triaged waiting rooms, a general care facility, an ear, nose, and throat center, a birth center, a mental health facility, and a dentist office. The Kasoa clinic is perfect for volunteers that are extremely efficient and thrive in high-intensity environments.


Kasoa PolyClinic

Average Patients Seen Per Day: 75

Highest Level Of Care Provider: Physician


The PolyClinic is located in a slightly more developed area of Kasoa and is relatively well equipped. The PolyClinic consists of a general care facility, an ear, nose, and throat center, a birth center, a mental health facility, and a dentist office. The PolyClinic is perfect for volunteers that are seeking a more relaxed experience and desire to have modern equipment at their disposal.

3 Weeks Community Volunteer Work And Tour

  • Qualifications required: There are no special qualification for this program but applicants must be in good health condition for hiking
  • Number of volunteers needed: 5 – 60 volunteers
  • Season: January to December
  • Placement settings: 2 wks. Local community projects and 1 wk. Tours
  • Program duration: All year round
  • Age: 13yrs to 65yrs
  • Accommodation: Volunteers live as a group with any of our well-trained host families near the project during volunteering and in a hotel during tours.
  • Program fees: $999 USD which includes airport pick-up, Program orientation and supervision, accommodation, 3x daily meals, utility bills, Local SIM card, Official Star Tours Ghana T-shirt, all tours in-country, Entrance fee to tourist centres, Last day airport drop off, and 24/7 in-country support
  • What Fees doesn’t include: Airfare from your home to Ghana, visa, Travelling Insurance, buying of souvenirs to families and friends back home, drinks.

Our uniquely designed 2 weeks volunteering and 1 week tour enables people to travel to beautiful projects and sites in Ghana to do community volunteer work to include helping less privileged children, teaching in deprived schools, cultural immersion, clinics/health centers, helping to prepare food and serving children, educational talks/presentations and 1-week travels to some selected unique tourist attractions in Ghana for sightseeing. If you love to combine volunteering with sightseeing; then is the perfect program for you.

Volunteers will be offering the following:

Orientation about the local culture, history/religious issues. Community Volunteer Work and African cultural Drumming and Dancing Lessons program during evenings of volunteering. 


Participants’ main responsibilities at community school:

  • Develop creative programs such as dance, arts, music, etc.
  • Clean, cook and serve food
  • Organize physical and sports activities
  • Assist the staff in counseling the children
  • Teach Basic English and Math

Typical school hours start from 7.30am to 3.30pm.

Participants main responsibilities at the community Health Centre:

  • Help the nurses and doctors to provide general outpatient care, inpatient delivery care, and community health outreach education.
  • Assist in vaccinations and routine child health examinations to maternal care

Your hands on work will depend on your qualifications, and the needs of the clinic.  Volunteers must provide their own gloves, masks, and scrubs.

Volunteers will also get the opportunity to participate in our community public education and awareness programs. The following are some activities volunteers will be engaged in:

  • Community education
    • Churches education
    • Schools education
    • Hairdresser’s education
  • You will also engage in house-to-house education



You can participate in these wonderful arts of drumming and dancing that have been performed for centuries. Learn how villages use “talking drums” to communicate within the village and between different villages—a technique that is still in use today. Learn a traditional song and dance that is performed at funerals and weddings etc.

Participants would be taking through some African drumming and dancing techniques organized by the Gye Nyame Cultural Troup.


day 2 -day 65pm – 7pmAFRICAN DRUMMING LESSONSParticipants would be taking through 2 hours intensive learning of African drumming techniques and the method of using talking drums to communicate between people and towns
day 7 – day 135pm – 7pmAFRICAN DANCING LESSONSParticipants would be taking through 2 hours intensive learning of African songs and dances that have being passed down through generations. Performing the dances in various African costumes and other related activities.



Day 1&2:

We hike the hills to vsit Lipke Caves and Dungeons. We move from Lipke to Wli waterfalls and hike the mountain to see beautiful waterfalls. Wli falls is the highest waterfall in West Africa. We spend some time at the water falls before departing to The tallest mountain in Ghana, Afadjato.

Day 3

We continue our journey from Lipke caves to Cape Coast castle; a fortress that was built by the Swedes in 1653, seized by the Danes and later conquered by the British. Also visit the Elmina Castle built in 1482 by the Portuguese They are the best-preserved castles in Ghana and declared as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Both castles are located in thriving fishing ports where hundreds of huge wooden fishing canoes are anchored.

Visit the Kakum National Park comprising of undisturbed virgin rainforest for a walking tour on the canopy walkway, also the longest and highest of its kind in the West Africa. The forest provides an opportunity to see much of Ghana’s indigenous plant life, as well as rare butterflies, birds and other forms of wildlife. We stop over at Hans Botel, a resort partly built on stilts on a river with crocodiles, lots of bird life and monkeys. We spend the night at the Hans resort.

Day 4

We continue our journey from Cape Coast to Kumasi. Visit the Bobiri forest and Butterfly reserve, with a wide collection of birdlife. Spend the morning on the banks of Lake Bosomtwi, a crater lake believed to have been created by a fallen meteorite. Experience an optional canoe ride on the lake. We spend the night at Lake Bosomtwe Paradise Resort.


Day 5

Start the day with a visit to the Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary, where Mona and black and white colobus monkeys are considered to be a significant part of the community. Tourist will get the opportunity to feed and play with the friendly monkeys. Visit the Tano Boase Rock formation, which exhibits a variety of huge beautiful hanging and hollow rocks. Explore the sacred groves and caves. We will visit the kintampo waterfalls on our way to Damango


Day 6

Wake up in the morning at Mole National Park and start our safari tour to see some wildlife animals. Morning Safari starts as early as 6am so we can see early morning birds, antelopes, baboons, elephants, etc. We come back to have a breakfast at 8am. We start another safari in the afternoon to see the forest animals. This time round it’s a walking safari in the forest.


Day 7

we drive down to Accra and visit the Arts and Craft Centre and the National Museum. Program ends at 2pm and report writing 

“What Did You Bring with You? What Will You Take With You?” How will this experience impact your interactions when you return home? Our last greetings before you return home.